The third meeting of the European project MY WAY was held in Hanover, Germany in the period 15-18 January 2015. The meeting was hosted by partner Stephansstift, a German private organization that focuses on vocational, adult and further education and on the work with elderly and young people.
The meeting was structured in two actions:
- Project meeting for the leaders of the partner organizations
- Peer-to-peer workshop for young multipliers.

Project meeting

During the project meeting, after the guided tour at the center Stephansstift, each partner had the opportunity to present and discuss the activities carried out since the last meeting held in Poland. In particular were presented:
- the results of the focus groups made in different countries, which were attended by a total of 60 youngsters;
- development of the "Compilation My Way"
- dissemination activities developed at the date of the German meeting.
Also have been defined all the next steps of the project (national workshops, skype meetings, final conference in Madrid, etc.) and established all forthcoming dead-lines to be respected for the development of the project products (new newsletters, second brochure, etc. .).
The photos show some moments of the meeting.

Workshop peer-to-peer

During the visit of the hosting center, the 12 young people from Malta, Spain, Poland, Austria and Germany participated in a workshop ToT on peer education, also developed in the Centre for Adult Education Stephansstift. The themes were motivation, confidence and self-presentation. At the end of the workshop the young people hold a short presentation in front of the experts of My Way team, which was impressed by their gained self-confidence. The learners especially enjoyed the mnemonic tricks that the German trainer Holger Heerhorst taught them at the beginning of the meeting. In only 2-3 minutes, the learners were able to memorize up to 20 items or terms. Surprised by the capacity of our brain the young people found these simple tricks very useful in their daily life.
The photos show some moments of the workshop.

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