Basic -Ground -Work Workshop

Between July and October 2014 the first workshops with young people took place in each partner country (Austria, Poland, Spain, Malta, Germany). A total of 57 youngsters took part in the workshops. Aġenzija Żgħażagħ (Malta) developed a curriculum that was used by all other partner organisations for their work with the young people.
The young people came to reflect the problems of NEETs and tried to find some solutions for these problems.
Some of the young participants will be trained to facilitate workshops for other youths.

Peer-Education -Seminar

During the visit of the hosting center, the 12 young people from Malta, Spain, Poland, Austria and Germany participated in a workshop ToT on peer-education, also developed in the Centre for Adult Education Stephansstift. The themes were motivation, confidence and self-presentation. At the end of the workshop the young people hold a short presentation in front of the experts of My Way team, which was impressed by their gained self-confidence. The learners especially enjoyed the mnemonic tricks that the German trainer Holger Heerhorst taught them at the beginning of the meeting. In only 2-3 minutes, the learners were able to memorize up to 20 items or terms. Surprised by the capacity of our brain young people found these simple tricks very useful in daily life.
The photos show some moments of the workshop.

National- Peer– Group- Workshops

In May 2015 the young people who had received the Peer Education Seminar in Hannover offered their own workshops in the home countries. These National Peer Group Workshops took place in Austria, Poland, Spain, Malta and Germany.
55 young people (young people at risk, NEETS in disadvantaged conditions job seekers and young people with learning difficulties) were trained by the peer leaders in workshops. The peer leaders and participants worked on issues like group life experiences and decisions, goals in education and work, motivation, importance of education, challenges in applying for a job and discrimination-experiences. National help and support opportunities were presented and discussed within the workshops.
The results of the Peer group workshops are very positive. The majority of the participants would like to repeat such seminars in future again. The peer leaders received positive feedback and respect and were likely to conduct further workshops in future.

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